200 Stories from the Sea

Shopify e-commerce development

The Client

Sailors’ Society is a charity based in Southampton, which supports the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of seafarers all around the world.

Last year the charity commemorated its 200th anniversary, by releasing a beautiful book called ‘200 stories from the sea’. Sailors’ Society decided to offer the book for sale online to supporters, but had only a limited budget and timeframe to invest in getting an e-commerce store ready in time for its anniversary event.

200 Stories from the Sea

What we achieved

We sat down with Sailors’ Society to discuss their immediate and ongoing needs for an e-commerce store as making the wrong web platform choice early on can become an onerous and expensive mistake. We also discussed the available time and budget to implement a solution.

As a result, we opted to build a microsite using the Shopify e-commerce platform, which enabled us to develop a cost-effective e-commerce solution in a matter of days and not weeks.

To date the store has been very successful and exceeded Sailors’ Society’s revenue predictions, providing a fantastic return on investment in both time and money.

200 Stories from the Sea

“Arc came up with a cost-effective, practical solution to meet our commercial needs and turned it around in a matter of days. They were very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient - just what we needed.”

Melanie Warman, Director of Media and Advocacy at Sailors’ Society

200 Stories from the Sea
200 Stories from the Sea

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