The Courage Foundation's new Shopify site is live!

The Courage Foundation's new Shopify site is live!

20 May 2021 / Aaron Gibson

Courage is a charity which seeks to support bereaved children and their families following the loss of a sibling or parent.

Their 'Therapy Through Theme Parks’ offer support for families by providing days out, weekends away and annual passes to fun and exciting attractions around the country. It was the provision of fun that they wanted to convey in the website design through colour and shape. With fabulous photography from our friends at Redshoot the new website really came alive with rich, colourful imagery.

The Courage team also wanted their new site to provide two distinct simple journeys for both those seeking support and those wishing to purchase some of the branded merchandise. That's where the Shopify requirement came in; ensuring the merchandise was well presented and that the shopping experience was as simple as possible.

Check out the fantastic work of The Courage Foundation and perhaps pick-up a t-shirt or two...

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